Spiritual Mathematics

DSCN0077In my years in a yoga spiritual community, I was encouraged to study the Spiritual Diary of Paramahansa Yogananda. He had been an early teacher of my former meditation master. Founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, Yogananda had suggested that December 23rd be used as a “spiritual Christmas” for all devotees of Christ, to be spent in an “ever-increasingly deep meditation.” Then, he suggested that the 25th be approached as the “social celebration” of Christmas.

A beautiful suggestion.  Spending hours in prayer and meditation, however, may not be practical or even possible for many people, with work and family obligations. Yet everyone can find a few moments. Even a mere second or two, with pure intention, can deeply shift one’s inner being.

All we need to do is pause, and remember. What is the real reason for the season? How can you prepare your heart? Is there anything you need to let go of, to make room for love?  Spirituality is more often a matter of subtraction than it is of addition. (I believe Meister Eckhart said that; one mystic or another did!)

Along these lines, I wonder if spirituality is neither a matter of subtraction or addition. Maybe it is better to look at the equal sign, pointing to balance.  Just being.

It is = what it is.

There is always enough time. There is always now.

The only moment available to grace is Now.

Snow on Sage

Snow on Sage


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