Hide-out or Find out?

Taos Mountain - Land & Sky

Taos Mountain – Land & Sky

This will be the first Christmas, since I moved to Taos five years ago – November of 2008, that I won’t be here for the holiday.

When I came to Taos five years ago, I hadn’t intended to stay; I came simply to check Taos off my “bucket list”.  Even before I had arrived, when I was on the road to Taos (a little like the ‘road to Damascus’), I heard a voice saying, “You never have to leave again.”  What?  I have a life back in Europe, where I’d been living for nearly 12 years.

The precise point in the road where I heard the voice is unknown.   However, recently I traced with a friend who’s lived in Taos most of his life, that it’s very likely that the place I had my Taos conversion experience was where Taos Mountain peeks in-between the heights of the canyon road.

Since I moved to Taos, nearly every year on Christmas Eve, I’ve visited Taos Pueblo for its annual procession of the Virgin Mary at twilight and bonfires into the night. The Pueblo is open to visitors and thousands of us pour in.   It feels primal. All the communities – Native American, Hispanic, Anglo and visitors – come together in the always frigid desert night and bask in the timelessness of this ritual.

Why did I leave behind my former life and root myself to this place?

A look at this photo might tell you why.

The sky, the earth, the mountain – living here is primal, it is intimate, it is connected, it is big.

Some people say people move to Taos to “hide out.”

I say I moved to Taos to find out.


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