The Cloud of Unknowing

Finding your way

Finding your way

Just now, installing an update to this Word Press blog, I came across this quote I’d saved in a draft back in December when I was blogging daily. It’s from the French poet, Andre Gide:  “Do not think your truth can be found by anyone else.”

Days of exhaustion do come up when I reach for shortcuts.  The wisdom delivered by elders, gurus, doctors, priests, famous authors who’ve made cottage industries from delivering nuggets of truth and step-by-step ways to reach that mountain – in just 30 days and for only $$ – payable in installments by Visa and MasterCard.

The truth is, the mountain is clouded, obscured.  My path is not your path.  We may walk the same road, and maybe one of us is lost and the other found.  And if I have found a way to my truth, my map, with its detours and delays – will not work for you.  You must find your own.

I am not advocating for isolation. I cannot live on a desert isle, anymore than you can.  We need each other; we are connected.

But the path to your inner truth is yours alone, as is mine.  Sometimes I weary of the climb and sit back to listen to someone else, someone who has purported to find the truth.  I might follow his or her map for a while. But the steps I take require my own strength, endurance, bravery, and sure footing, my own pushing through the fog.  I have fallen many times and have not yet reached the top. Sometimes I get a quick glimpse.  Then the fog rolls back in.

It’s okay.  Halfway up is what it is.  If I take a step forwards or backwards, it’s all okay.  I will get there when I get there, as will you.

Let’s be kind to each other, along the way.


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