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Santa Cruz de la Canada

Santa Cruz de la Canada

Today I drove again to Espanola, to the parish of Santa Cruz de la Canada, to Sunday Mass.  I never had intended to start attending church there. A few weeks ago, I had set out to go to the Sanctuario of Chimayo.  On the road to Chimayo, I came upon the intersection of the Santa Cruz plaza, where the Church of the Holy Cross is. Mass was starting in about a quarter of an hour. I could go in early and spend some quiet time. I listened to “the voice”, the inner prompting. I do not regret this, for I’ve decided to return each week.

It seems to me that pilgrimage is almost never about the “destination”.  Instead it is about being awake, on the journey. Sometimes God is calling to you at a crossroads before the holy place. Who knows, God could be calling you at Wal-mart!  You have to be willing to let go of all your old ideas, and be awake – each step of the way. You have to be ready to go left, when your map says to go right.

Receptivity may be the key idea of Advent.  Opening one’s self up to the entry of the Cosmic Christ in our lives. Again, this does not just happen on ‘silent nights’ and under portends of great stars.

In the Gospel, the Son of God comes in the form of an innocent baby.  Maybe this is to remind all of us of our innocent beginnings.

On the road to Santa Cruz

On the road to Santa Cruz

I do believe in original blessing. I was going to say that I don’t believe in original sin. But on deeper reflection, I cannot deny original sin, either.

It seems to me that we are born with both light and shadow, blessing and sin, if you like. How we choose to embrace them both is the story of our lives. Because there cannot be one without the other. The light and shadow play with each other.

What we do before, and after, the pilgrimage to the holy place – this is what matters. If not, if we are not striving to be awake the whole journey, what does it matter if we go on pilgrimage? What might we miss along the way, on the side of the road, if we only have tunnel vision to the goal?  God is only available in the present moment.

Across from the churchyard

Across from the churchyard

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  1. I missed you on Sunday! sounds like you found something new for your sunday mornings! Happy end of semester!

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