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The Cloud of Unknowing

Just now, installing an update to this Word Press blog, I came across this quote I’d saved in a draft back in December when I was blogging daily. It’s from the French poet, Andre Gide:¬† “Do not think your truth can be found by anyone else.” Days of exhaustion do come up when I reach […]


We are not in charge here.

Thursday, after weeks of dryness, it snowed again. Just in time for closing weekends of the ski resorts¬† in Northern New Mexico. A little “tease” from Mother Nature or final gift? Here in the “moisture challenged” Southwest, we welcome whatever moisture comes, whenever.¬† I saw snow melting around dandelions this morning; that made me smile. […]


Gotta Start Somewhere

After posting for twenty-three days in a row in December — leading up to Christmas Eve, my blog fell into a deep freeze for the winter! Halfway through Lent and not a peep, until now. Well, I had my reasons, namely that my partner had a stroke on January 15th. Let’s just say the new […]