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Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Roxy has the right idea here! Whatever the season, napping is her favorite thing, next to playing soccer with her purple ball. Or maybe her favorite things are breakfast and dinner?  Maybe napping, eating and playing are all tied for first? She enjoys most everything in life, except going to the vet and swimming.  There’s not […]


St. Nick’s Day – Child’s Play for Young & Old

In many countries around the world, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated today, December 6th.  Countless legends abound about this holy man.  At the, I learned that “Nicholas was so widely revered that thousands of churches were named for him, including three hundred in Belgium, thirty-four in Rome, twenty-three in the Netherlands and more than four […]


Bless me, Father, for I have deleted….

“Bless me, Father, for I have deleted…”  Do you subscribe to inspirational daily quotes?  At least a few grace my in-box everyday. I don’t delete all of them, but I do confess to speed reading.  I was about to delete another e-lecture on gratitude this morning when something gave me pause.  I’ve learned to listen […]


“Love laughs at the end of the world….”

It’s Wednesday – midpoint of the first week of Advent. Chanukah ends tomorrow. Writing this blog has yielded surprising gifts already, four days into the adventure. Through the wonder of social media and good old fashioned email, I am reconnecting with dormant, but cherished friendships.   What a blessing to rekindle these bonds. As I […]


If Not Now, When? If Not You, Who?

Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you.  Acts 18:9b-10a Nearly every child gets asked frequently, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  What did you answer, when you were young?  Have you lived out your childhood dream? In this season of […]


Cyber Monday – Finding Balance

December Monday, “Cyber Monday”: the to-do list is so much longer than the day. The sun goes to bed early, yet many of us stay up late like elves working overtime at the North Pole. We struggle to get it all done: the planning, the preparing, the shopping, the decorating, the card writing, the cleaning, […]


Advent Musings 2013 – “Let This Be the Moment Now”

My yearly renewal for my blog hosting and domain came up this weekend. How did the year slip away?  I must confront the fact that I have not posted since January. Would I renew or not?  To blog or not to blog?  If I am to blog, why?  The tagline of this blog is, after […]


Somewhere Under the Rainbow

This is where I live now:  somewhere under the rainbow. Under the rainbow, under these skies, under this sun and moon, walking this land every day. Beneath this celestial array, where earth and body are denser heaven, it is possible to heal. On the dawn of this new day, as I echo Maya Angelou from […]


Wet and Wild: Rafting the Arkansas

Less than two weeks since our last trip to Gunnison, Colorado, we again headed North – still seeking respite from the New Mexico drought.  This time, not content with getting soaked with summer monsoon rains, we baptized ourselves in the Arkansas River via white water rafting. Alas we have no pics of our adventure. Forty […]


Dust in the Wind – Drought Refuge in Gunnison Waters

  We needed a break from the smoke, dust and heat in New Mexico. My boyfriend’s cough was nearly two weeks old. It started the day the Los Conchas fire near Los Alamos area, the biggest wildfire in state history, began spewing smoke up to the Taos Valley. Fire on mesa crest, south of Alamosa […]